Tallow Balm - Nature's Skincare

Before the advent of petrochemicals and lab-created "miracle" ingredients, Tallow Balm was the traditional homespun moisturizer. Moo Moo Butter's mission is to show that skin health and vitality doesn't come from the lab, but from listening to nature and tapping into the traditional, time-tested way to feed the skin and nourish the whole body.

Received in the Mailbox: Is Moo Moo Butter safe to use on infants?

Received in the Mailbox: Is Moo Moo Butter safe to use on infants?

Dear MooMooButter,

I am expecting a baby the end of this year and am concerned with all of the products that are out there that are supposedly safe for a baby’s skin and then get recalled or, worse, cause scary side effects! Can Moo Moo Butter be used for diaper rash or other baby-centric skin ailments?


What is tallow balm good for?

As the original "body butter", tallow balm is great for just about every skin ailment.  Here's just a small sampling of what we use it for: the u...

Received in the mailbox: Is tallow vegan?

Tallow is not a vegan/vegetarian product. Tallow is rendered from Suet, which is the pure, clean fat that is found around the kidneys in cows (and ...

Animal fat on my face? You've got to be kidding me!

I looked in the mirror this morning just before heading to work and I stopped in my tracks.  My skin looked great! And no, I hadn't spent hours per...