Received in the Mailbox: Is Moo Moo Butter safe to use on infants?

Dear MooMooButter,

I am expecting a baby the end of this year and am concerned with all of the products that are out there that are supposedly safe for a baby’s skin and then get recalled or, worse, cause scary side effects! Can Moo Moo Butter be used for diaper rash or other baby-centric skin ailments?



Hi Expecting,

First of all let us congratulate you on soon bringing a bundle of joy into this world, how very exciting!

You are right to be concerned, a baby’s skin is especially sensitive and, as our savvy readers know, human skin soaks up everything that is spread onto it and then distributes it to the rest of the body and organs. You should never put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t be comfortable putting in your body (petrolatum we’re looking at you!). As for diaper rash and other baby centric ailments (baby acne, cradle cap, chapped skin, etc.) we recommend our unscented blend to clear those things right up! Our Unscented blend is truly Unscented (no lab created “unscented” fragrance for us, thanks!) and gentle enough for even the most sensitive of skin. Even better, especially if you’re planning on cloth diapering, since tallow is biologically similar to human skin most laundry detergents get it right out! The same can’t be said for other natural oil-based balms. Anyone who has ever used a coconut oil based moisturizer can attest to this (you can go ahead and consign that coconut oil smeared t-shirt to the rag pile!).

Once babies are slightly older (3 months or so) you can branch out to some of our other specialty blends. Sleepy is great for calming an anxious or overly tired child. Breathe helps with any sort of sinus congestion and Boo Boo Blend helps with all the cuts and scrapes that go hand in hand with childhood.

Best wishes,
Moo Moo Butter

Written by Clinton Evans