Is MooMooButter vegan?

MooMooButter is not a vegan/vegetarian product. The main, skin nourishing ingredient is tallow. Tallow is rendered from Suet, which is the pure, clean fat that is found around the kidneys in cows (and sheep). We only use tallow that is from ethical farms, meaning that the whole animal is raised and cared for and when the time comes, the whole animal is used and nothing goes to waste. Here at Moomoobutter we believe that everyone gets to make the choice of what is right for their body and we are conscious that some of our consumers may be ethically opposed to our product. 
We believe strongly that cows (just like people) should get to live their best life. That's why we take great care to source our tallow from only grass-fed, free-range cows. (We are morally opposed to CAFOs too!) Our tallow (like butter, or hamburger from grass-fed cows) is full of nutrients and vitamins that feed your skin from the outside in.


Can you use tallow balm as a deodorant?

Our founders have heard reports of our tallow balm successfully working as a deodorant.  We’ve tried it ourselves and, ahem, putting it politely, the work day didn’t last very long.

But try it yourself, as everyone’s biology is unique. What works for one person may or may not work for another!  And please @ us. We’d love to hear your stories, successful or not!


A 2 oz. tin doesn’t seem like much. How long will it last?

Here at MooMooButter there was much debate over whether we should offer our tallow balm in larger sizes.  Ultimately, we have decided to stick with the 2 oz. size.  It is convenient and perfectly sized to toss in a bag or purse as well as being TSA compliant.  After using it yourself, you’ll notice that a little bit really does go a long way. And the 2 oz. size lasts much longer than you would expect.  (Usually about 6 weeks with daily hand and facial application!) 

Even better, the 2oz size allows our customers to try out different blends and mix & match based upon their own skin care needs. 


How long is tallow balm good?  Does it have an expiration? 

Tallow balm is shelf stable and will maintain its quality for about 12 months. After that it is still safe to use, but the essential oils may smell a bit "off". 
We make our MooMooButter in small batches to ensure that you receive the freshest product possible.

Additionally, the tin packaging reduces the amount of air and light your tallow balm is exposed to, further ensuring a long lasting product. We find that a container is usually long gone before it has a chance to "expire".


Can you use multiple scents of MooMooButter?

You bet ya, we encourage it!  One of our founders uses three kinds on a daily basis.  She uses the “Original” on her face as a day/night cream, pops “Bloom” into her bag for hand and skin application throughout the day and rubs “Summertime Feet” onto her tired feet each night.

In fact, we have created sets with certain lifestyles in mind.  Try the “Founder’s Set” (see above) or the “Kiddo Kit” which contains Unscented (great for diaper rash, and the sensitive skin of little ones), “Breathe” (for the first sign of sniffles or congestion) and “Sleepy” (a parents and babysitters best friend when trying to calm wound-up kids).

“Ready, Set, Summer!”, is our set of “Glow”, “Clearskin” and “Summertime feet” which is citrusy, fresh and simply screams summer.  
Glow helps to make the complexion radiant and helps shaved legs stay smooth, Clearskin combats fresh breakouts that often come with days filled with sweat, sun and chlorine and Summertime Feet lives up to its name and relieves stinky, sweaty feet that are seeing more daylight and barefoot days.


Why does MooMooButter take longer to sink into your skin then drugstore lotions?

Here at MooMooButter we pride ourselves on mastering one recipe with as few ingredients and additives as possible.  We believe that nature knows best, and our bodies work best when working with nature. 

To that end, we never add any fillers or drying agents to our tallow balm to make it appear to sink in quicker.  Many moisturizer companies add things like alcohol or starches to create the illusion of a quick absorbing product. (Don't believe us? Go check your labels... we'll wait).  In reality, these additives dry out your skin, which causes you to re-apply and use up their product faster, causing you to buy more... see where we're going with this?!  Our tallow balm doesn’t contain any of those types of agents and, in fact, is only made from real food grade ingredients.

Because of this, some customers find that our balm does need about 60 seconds to sink in and fully assimilate with their skin. Others find that our tallow balm is easily absorbed right into their skin (again it all depends on personal biology!) Either way, our customers find that tallow improves the protective barrier function of their skin, prevents moisture loss and regenerates the appearance of healthy, youthful looking skin.

If you need to moisturize and then immediately take a math quiz (those no.2 pencils are slippery guys!) we suggest applying balm to the backs of your hands only, as this is the portion of your hands that receive the most wear and tear and save the full application for when you have a few extra moments.  

Is MooMooButter safe for dogs?

Our tallow balm is created with real food grade ingredients and dogs happen to love the taste of the Unscented blend! Our founders use the Unscented on the pads of their own dogs' paws during the winter months to combat the effects of cold temps and salty sidewalks.  That being said, there are certain essential oils that can make pups sick so it’s best to stick to the Unscented and save the lovely smelling stuff for yourself!