Essential oils, as the name implies, is the very essence of a plant, distilled and highly concentrated.  They have a myriad of therapeutic and medicinal uses.  Most essential oils (depending on their origin and parent plant) also have pleasing aromas and are nature's answer to synthetic, lab-created fragrances.

Here at Moo Moo Butter, we use the highest therapeutic grade fragrances from Plant Therapy(TM). We have crafted our exclusive recipes of Tallow balm blends to not only smell heavenly, but also address common skin ailments and conditions.  That's why we use rose oil in our Bloom Blend. Rose oil has been traditionally used for centuries to remedy reddened, irritated and wrinkled skin.

Due to the highly concentrated nature of essential oils, we caution you to never use undiluted oils on your skin or loved ones (animals and pets included!).  We have rigorously researched and calculated the optimal dilutions in our balms for maximum effectiveness and nourishment. Our balms are gentle enough to use on your most sensitive skin. We use organic ingredients when available.